SME Business Support

SME Consultants in Nigeria

Bizarch Consulting parades a highly qualified and experienced SME consultants in Nigeria, who assist Small and Medium scale businesses to survive, grow and thrive .

SMEs are a vital engine for the economic growth of any nation, particularly developing economies. However, these highly important economic agents are mostly vulnerable and suffer from various forms of economic turbulences. Many never survive the turbulences. Regrettably, these highly important economic agents are mostly vulnerable and suffer from various forms of economic turbulences. Many do not survive.

Taking SMEs from Small to Great

We have over the past 10 years provided crucial and timely business development support assistance to scores of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) at various strategic and operational stages of their development. We assist SMEs to overcome basic and complex business challenges, including capital raising, management skills and business development.

Our Small-to-Great model for SMEs provides a tailored approach towards helping these important economic agents move from start-ups to large organisations. Having worked with several of them over the years, we understand their peculiar needs and challenges, and we are able to guide, showcase and propel them to entrench the proper structures, institute winning processes and promote the right culture necessary and imperative for business survival, growth and prosperity.

SME Consulting Services

We care. We deliver.

Business Consulting for SMEs

We provide essential advisory services to small and medium enterprises through the following services:

  • Feasibility Study and Investment Appraisals
  • Business Plan Development
  • Identification and packaging of new investment possibilities/opportunities
  • Developing and establishing right partnerships that will engender growth and financial stability

Accounting and TAX Solutions

With our Accounting and Tax Management support, SMEs are able to produce timely and reliable financial information and their statutory obligations in taxation are optimially and judiciously met.

Management support for SMEs

We provide small and medium businesses with the relevant technical guidance and support in functional areas of business management. These areas include

  • Accounting support services
  • Financial management support
  • Sales & marketing advisory
  • Supply chain management
  • Project management support
  • Human Resources Management Support

capital raising

Through soft loans, credit financing and direct private investments, we help SMEs structure their capital optimally. We advise on the best form of funding for their business, seek the best financiers, prepare the necessary documentation and assist in presentation to prospective financiers. Our success rate in helping our clients has been quite encouraging over the years.


Business Ideas Repository

Small to Great

Being a great entrepreneur starts with having a great business idea, the right inspiration and proper guidance on how to execute your ideas and determinedly focus on your vision.

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or you’re looking for the right inspiration to scale up your existing small business, our Business Idea Repository (BIR) and guidance will provide theĀ  right impetus for you.