Recruitment Consultants in Nigeria

The quality of your employees can accelerate the attainment of your business objectives, slow it down or completely extinguish it.

Attracting the right candidates, short-listing and conducting assessments to secure the right candidates remain a big challenge to business leaders and managers. Hiring right requires unique professional skills, intuition and experience – a combination often rare to come by.

With our highly certified and experienced recruitment specialists, our recruitment is not an off-the-peg solution. Rather, we take our time to understand your requirements, the job role and how the role will impact your overall business objectives. We deploy global best methodologies – enabled by cutting-edge technologies to sift, evaluate and identify the best candidates for our clients.

Executive Search

Our thorough-bred professional recruitment consultants search far and wide for c-level executives who can maintain control over diverse business operations; initiate, drive and consummate business deals. Our reach and contacts built over decades ensure that we get to the right candidates. And the first-rate interviewing skills of our consultants ensure that we sift the best from the rest.

We strengthen our search and interview processes by adding scientific elements from psychometric assessment instruments.

General Recruitment

With a cumulative recruitment experience of over 70 years and our extensive knowledge of Nigeria’s job market, we timely recruit the best-suited candidates for our clients. Be it white-collar recruitment or function-based expertise requirement, our recruitment specialists professionally attract and timely filter the best from the rest through our time tested techniques.


We leverage on our position as a leading recruitment agency in Nigeria to deliver quality outsourcing services to our clients. Be it skilled or semi-skilled personnel, we swiftly quickly hire for our clients and take on the responsibility of managing these staff to achieve top performances. This allows our clients to focus better on core activities, reduces their exposure to staff-related risks and gives them fast access to required staff.

We ease our clients of the often time-consuming tasks of hiring and managing employees so they could concentrate on their core competencies and on other strategic areas of their business.


How we recruit


We apply stringent shortlisting and interview procedures to distill the technical competence and fitness for the role of the candidates for every vacancy.


During the assessment processes, we constantly evaluate the ability of the candidates to cope within the structure and culture of the potential employer. Competence is one thing, ability to cope is another.


We take our time to establish the genuineness of the claims of the candidates. We test for integrity and behavioural attributes which could be significant factors on job performance.