Leadership and Management Training

Leadership & Management Training

Boost Your Knowledge. Improve Your Competencies.


The Art of Leadership

Duration: 2 days

“The measure of leadership is not the quality of the head, but the tone of the body. The signs of outstanding leadership appear primarily among the followers”. Max De Pree

This course not only exposes participants to salient attributes of good leaders but deeply teaches on how to acquire and radiate those qualities.

The Strategic Leader

Duration: 2 days

Initiating strategic vision, communicating ideas to the minds of followers and motivating them to actualize constitute the realm of a strategic leader.

Learn the what, the how and the when of this realm.



Leading During Difficult Times

Duration: 2 days

Challenging times for businesses could be hard, really hard on business leaders. Yet, they need to exude good judgment, stay connected and positively engage stakeholders, and make tough decisions. These are not easy efforts.

This practical leadership class teaches how to stay focused, committed and enterprising at such times.

Turning Strategy into Action

Duration: 2 days

Developing effective business strategies isn’t an easy task. Perhaps more challenging to many organisations however is how to properly implement even when they’re well developed.

This course teaches the methodologies and techniques for developing winning strategies and how to judiciously implement them.

Developing Leadership Competencies

Duration: 2 days

Leadership competencies start with adopting a leader’s mindset, and then developing the right skills and practices that engage, motivate and influence.

At the end of this course, participants are able to develop a personal development plan that will enhance their leadership performances.

Between Development and Impact: What makes strategies work

Duration: 2 days

How do you develop the right strategies? How do you stay focused in the midst of turbulences? How do you adjust yet not derail from your vision and strategies?

Learn these and more in this highly impactful business transformation training.


Managing People for Optimal Performance

Duration: 2 days

Getting your staff to meet and exceed expectations need tested principles and skills.             

“Managing Employees for Optimal Performance” not only teaches the principles of getting the best from people but also kits delegates with the techniques to make it happen.

The All Round Manager

Duration: 2 days

This course teaches how to manage human and non-human resources for strategic advantage.

Participants acquire astute decision-making, problem-solving and motivation skills for the attainment of organisational goals and business objectives.

21st Century Business Skills for Young Managers

Duration: 2 days

Foundation is everything! Being well grounded in essential management skills is a crucial pre-requisite for business leadership success.

This course grinds the fundamental skills of people management, finance and asset management, analytical and decision-making skills, communication skills and personal effectiveness.

People Management Training for Techies

Duration: 2 days

Techies are techies, but they still manage people. Whether you are a “tech-prenuer”, CTO, CISO or an IT manager, interacting with people, communicating with peers, colleagues and managers is a given.

Learn how to get the cooperation of others and how to get things done through others.

Managing Employee Performance

Duration: 2 days

Often said – “what’s not measured is not managed”.

Managing staff performances objectively could be complex and challenging when the necessary skills and structure are lacking. Setting KPIs, Integrating KPIs to business goals, communicating and reviewing KPIs, evaluating achievements, discussing appraisals and managing post-appraisal outcomes require certain set skills which this course delivers.


Duration: 2 days

It’s a common knowledge that getting others to achieve what you desire often require social, economic or/and technical skills and techniques.

What’s not general knowledge is what works, in what proportion and when to apply.

This is a “must course” for everyone who has a responsibility for leading people to achieve results.

Becoming a Leader of Immense Purpose & Influence

Duration: 2 days

If effective leadership is about getting people to devotedly execute ideas, communicating purpose and influencing performances aimed at achieving the ideas is central to leadership practices.

Join this class to learn how to build strategic goals, how to gain stakeholders’ buy-in for the goals and how to effectively influence commitment to attainment.

Inspiring and Enabling Teamwork

Duration: 2 days

Everyone knows that teamwork at the workplace is great, yet achieving desirable team spirit could be challenging. Building trust among team members could take time and great efforts by the leader.

This course is for business leaders who desire to entrench an efficient level of team spirit across the organisation or just within teams.

The Efficient Workplace Teamplayer

Duration: 2 days

There is a underlying desire to work with others in virtually all modern human beings. Yet internal conflicts and egos can get in the way of expressing this.

This course activates the latent “team-ability” in participants. With the team-playing skills acquired in this course, participants are charged to transform their teams by their own actions and cooperation with others.

Team-Building Workshop

Duration: 2 days

This workshop is designed for people who work together in teams or in cross-team functions.

The workshop helps to create tighter team bonds and build mutual trust which is essential and inevitable for team efficiency and success.