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Sales & Marketing Courses

Re-energisingYour Sales Force

Is your sales team seemingly lethargic and inefficient? It’s time to rejuvenate through time-tested, unfailing methodologies and techniques. This sales enhancement course is both team and individual-based. Simply put, the course equips participants with what to do as an individual salesman and what to do for and within the team to bolster the chances of closing deals.


Selling in Tough Markets

Selling could be really challenging in some moments, in certain places and under certain circumstances. Go beyond theories and win at the marketplace, even during tough times.


Differentiating Your Business from the Crowd: Business Development Skills That Win ALWAYS

Organisation, communication, data analysis and differentiation skills are some key elements of efficient business development. This business development training fully dissects how to acquire and apply these skills in diverse situations.


Sales & Marketing Skills Training

In this essential sales and marketing course, delegates are introduced to the entire process of sales and marketing with targeted emphasis on techniques to apply in specific industries and scenarios. At a detailed level, delegates learn about customer’s decision making process, market segmentation, how to target customers and how to pitch, follow-up and close deals.


Digital Marketing Courses

High-Impact Digital Marketing Skills

This is a comprehensive digital marketing course. Beyond the basic digital marketing skills, this course exposes participants to several other skills needed to holistically deliver top-notch digital marketing that works. • SEO, SMM and SEM Skills • Writing and Editing Skills • Email Marketing Skills • Customer Relationship Marketing skills • Advertising Skills


How to Make Your Online Presence Yield Great Results

Have you invested in digital marketing or just about to? Whichever, you just can’t afford to be one of the lots lost in the crowd. Attend this course to enhance your web marketing skills and make your online presence worth the while.


Digital Marketing for Hospitality Industry

This digital marketing course is specifically designed for the hospitality businesses who desire to yield great benefits from digital presence.


Digital Marketing for Logistics Industry

This digital marketing course is specifically designed for logistics businesses who desire to yield great benefits from digital presence.


Digital Marketing for Educational Institutions

This digital marketing course is specifically designed for educational institutions who desire to yield great benefits from digital presence.


Digital Marketing for Management Consultants

This digital marketing course is specifically designed for business consultants who desire to yield great benefits from digital presence.


Finance & Risk Management Courses

Skills for Excellent Financial Modeling and Analysis

Obtain first-class skills in financial modeling and more. This course equips participants with the skills to build financial models, effectively analyse financial statements, and intelligently interpret them for effective financial decisions.


Finance for Non-finance Managers

The language of business is money. Understanding how to account for money is therefore essential for all managers. This course exposes non-accounting and non-finance professionals to fundamentals of accounting and finance. At the end of the training, delegates would be able to effectively communicate in finance languages and understand how to analyse financial statements and make decisions based on them.


Fundamentals of Risk Management: The ISO31000 Way

Risk managers create and protect value in organizations by managing risks, making decisions, setting and achieving objectives. This Risk Management course enhances the knowledge and skills of delegates in practical and contemporary issues in Risk Management Framework Design, Risk Assessment, Risk Treatment, Risk Monitoring and Review, and Risk Reporting.


Customer Service Courses

Customer Care Essentials

With today’s widespread availability of information, customer satisfaction and retention has never been more important. Attend this course to acquire top-grade skills on how to: - Increase customer satisfaction - Increase customer loyalty and repeat orders - Increase the volume of business customers do with you - And many more benefits of an efficient customer service delivery


Strategic Advantage Through Excellent Service Delivery

Building loyalty, expanding sales through references and increasing sales are strategic goals. Aligning these goals to overall business objectives is quite crucial for any organisation. This course explores the importance of developing and implementing an efficient framework for service delivery and equips delegates with methodologies for achieving company-wide and all-inclusive service delivery


Managing Customer Service Function

This course is designed for individuals directly responsible for managing customer care function. Delegates are trained in wider management principles and more specifically as the principles relate to customer service function. - Communicating objectives and strategies - Setting expectations - Leading by example - Motivation - Training and Coaching